Originally from Romania, I have always felt a curiosity for the world, for the ancient cultures. I left my home country embracing the new adventures and teachings life layed on my path.

After a few years of traveling and living in different locations – Mexico & Poland, to name a couple – I have, for now, settled in Austria, in a small rural area close to the Austrian capital, Vienna. Our tiny lovely village allows me to enjoy the peace and silence that I had no idea how much I needed, and that enjoy fully.

As an entirely self taught artist, inspired by my surroundings and by those who paved the path of so many other artists of our time, the love for botanical art has grown intense and I now find myself exploring the details in nature like I have never done before. The entire observation and documenting process has brought me closer to nature and has intensified my senses. I am now drawn closer to those minuscule details that make each specimen so different. Each tree, leaf, flower, stem, seed, tells its own story and I have found beauty even in the decay of those. As there is always life after life.

If you are an artist or admirer of art and wish to connect, I look forward to your message. You can contact me by email, or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

I am not a full time artist: I work as a Product Manager (Hotel Technology & Distribution platform). If you wish to know more about my professional career, you can visit my LinkedIn Profile

Diana Donisa