A Life of Curiosity

Welcome to this intimate space, stepping aside from the social media networks, into a room where I hope we can keep each other good company with a tea or wine and a snack while we learn, inspire and get to know each other better.

If we haven’t met before, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Diana. Well, my full name is a lot longer than that, Diana Maria Donisa Gavrilovici. A bit unusual at the time I was born, but I have chosen to use the shorter version for the website.

Since a few years, we have moved to a tiny village an hour from Vienna, Austria, where I have rediscovered the peace and silence that, deep inside, I was missing dearly, but I couldn’t connect to that feeling due to the ongoing noise of the cities I had lived in until then.

Romania is my homeland, but half my life so far has been spent outside of this beautiful country I still call home despite not being physically there. Countries where I have lived in - like Mexico, Poland and Austria -, their people and culture, have each taught me something different that I hold dear to my heart.

Although at some point I did very much want to pursue a career in art, I instead studied tourism and business management and I continue to work as a product manager in the IT & Hospitality industry - and I love my job! - for a wonderful company about which you can find out more about in my LinkedIn account.

Throughout all this time I was blessed to have met wonderful, inspiring and talented people in life, and I have followed the creations of artists on their social media accounts, their blogs and on websites dedicated to the art forms I am most attracted to. They have taught me so much, many unknowingly, through their generosity of sharing their knowledge, skills, talent and I will write about each one of them and the joy they have brought to my life in my future blog posts.

So it is here, in a tiny and quiet village in the mountains, that I have given myself the chance, courage and time to reconnect to different art mediums and subjects that I had been shying away from. I have been drawing for all my life, since I was a little child. I can still remember the smell of the toothpaste I used to make those snowflakes on the winter landscape for the drawing class in kindergarden. However, due to different circumstances, I never really had the chance to access and use so many mediums and inspirations as I can now. And for that, I am grateful!