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I live, love, paint, capture, travel and work with passion.

After a few years of traveling and living in different locations – Mexico & Poland, to name a couple – I have, for now, settled in Austria.

Originally from Romania, I have always felt like a nomad and left my home country to seek adventure & knowledge. Yet here and now, I have found my home in a small rural area close to the capital, Vienna. Our tiny lovely village allows me to enjoy the peace and silence that I had no idea before I needed and enjoy fully. The surroundings inspire me to create and learn new techniques.

The love for watercolor has grown intense and I now find myself exploring the details in nature like I have never done before. Everything makes me feel like I am living a new, reinvigorated life.

If you are an artist or admirer of art and wish to connect, drop me an email using the contact form, or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

I am not a full time artist. I now work as a Product Manager – for PAAS company, for Hospitality Industry – and I manage the Hotel Technology & Distribution. If you wish to know more about my professional career, you can visit my LinkedIn Profile